Public Records

How candidates handle public records is almost always a controversial event. Whenever a politician is trying to hide something, there is a pretty good chance that there is something that will hurt them or their party politically. For this reason, the biased news media will always jump on a politician from the opposing party that either destroys or denies access to public records.

Hillary Clinton and her private public email server

There has been much chatter about Hillary Clinton relying on a private email account housed on a private server located in her primary residence throughout her tenure as Secretary of State. Some believe she broke the law while others are of the mind that she crossed some ethical line. There is a fair amount of [...]

IRS targeting controversy and public records

When political stalwarts have no other recourse, you can definitely expect them to go after the tax records of their opponents. Tax law is so convoluted and irredeemably confusing that it can be interpreted in virtually any way that anyone wants. This means that the people who control the guns behind the tax laws basically [...]

Problems with politicians destroying public records

Some of the most fundamental principles of democratic rule are heuristic in nature. The social contract, for example, implies that we should contribute taxes and surrender a few liberties in exchange for protection. The public trust is another such principle, whereby the people place their trust in government officials, who must in turn respect the [...]