News Media Bias Ratings

New Media Bias Scale

We have attached a media bias rating from -3 to 3 that represents how liberal or conservative each news media outlet is.  The ratings are based on our reviews of a randomly selected 10 news articles from each source.  Note that we avoided selecting articles that are specifically supposed to be opinion pieces whenever possible.  Here are our ratings:

ABC -3

Breitbart +3

CBS -3

CNN -2

Fox News +3

Huffington Post -3

LA Times -3

NBC -3

NY Times -3

NPR -1

Politico -3

TheBlaze +3

USA Today -2

Wall Street Journal +2

Washington Post -2

I am well aware that this list is not a complete list of all the news media outlets out there.  Honestly, there are far too many to list.  That said, if you feel I have missed a prominent news source that deserves to be on the list, please feel free to contact me via email.