News Media Bias Examples

Unlike what I was told in school, virtually every single news media outlet publishes biased news. Here are just a few examples that I was able to find that showcase some of the bias you will see in supposedly unbiased reports. After you read about the event and then see how it is commented on by the various media sources you will clearly see a liberal or conservative bias at work.

Carly Fiorina announces candidacy for president

Carly Fiorina officially announced her candidacy for president this morning on Good Morning America. Her decision to announce on ABC News certainly shows she is not afraid of the liberal bias of the station or of George Stephanopoulos. Later in the day, liberal media outlets began publishing their heavily biased news on her announcement.  Time [...]

Ben Carson announces presidential bid

Ben Carson officially announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016.  He made the announcement in Detroit yesterday. The liberal news outlets have predictably gone after the candidate aggressively.  Liberals really do not like it when people of minority groups like blacks, women and hispanics are conservative.   Carly Fiorina announced that [...]

“Clinton Cash” author raises concerns over charitable contributions

“Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer discussed some of the concerns raised in his book on Bloomberg’s “In The Loop” yesterday. The book outlines some troubling connections between charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation that were made in close proximity to the reversal of foreign policy positions that were controlled by then Secretary of State, Hillary [...]