“Clinton Cash” author raises concerns over charitable contributions

“Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer discussed some of the concerns raised in his book on Bloomberg’s “In The Loop” yesterday.

The book outlines some troubling connections between charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation that were made in close proximity to the reversal of foreign policy positions that were controlled by then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The book also raises concerns over the speaking fees that Bill Clinton received.  Specifically, it notes that the rates he was paid for a speech for a foreign entity dramatically increased after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.

On the Bloomberg show, the author made a few interesting statements.  Specifically, he mentioned that 1100 donors that had donated to the Clinton Foundation had not been disclosed even though there was an agreement to disclose the names of everyone that donated to the foundation.

Also during the show, Peter Schweizer stated that he is currently writing a similar book on the former governor of Florida and presidential candidate, Jeb Bush.  That book is intended to be released this summer so voters will have plenty of time to digest it as well.  The author has also been asked if he would write a book on other Republican candidates including Carly Fiorina and he did not seem opposed to it.

Given that the author appears to be publishing controversial material on both Democrats and Republicans it would appear that he is unbiased.

Here is the clip of his appearance on “In The Loop”: