Carly Fiorina announces candidacy for president

Carly Fiorina officially announced her candidacy for president this morning on Good Morning America. Her decision to announce on ABC News certainly shows she is not afraid of the liberal bias of the station or of George Stephanopoulos.

Later in the day, liberal media outlets began publishing their heavily biased news on her announcement.  Time had a piece titled, “Here’s Why Carly Fiorina Is Such A Controversial Figure”.  The article focuses on her tenure at HP and specifically brings up the parts that sound the most alarming to a reader.  If you head over to Fox News, you will find pieces that focus on how the diversity of the GOP field has grown since a woman and a black man have joined the race.

If you want some of the facts on Carly Fiorina, you can look up public records on Carly Fiorina and her tenure at HP and find that she laid off over 18,000 employees while she was CEO of the company from 1999 to 2005.  You will also find that she resigned in 2005 and received a $21 million severance package.  Carly claims that the layoffs were made during the worst technology recession in history and that she was able to double the size of the company from $44 billion to $88 billion during her tenure.  She also claims that HP stock has performed very well over the years as a result of the changes she implemented while she was CEO.

Here is Carly Fiorina officially announcing her 2016 presidential campaign on Good Morning America: