For my entire childhood, I was told that journalists were unbiased and were only interested in the facts when they told the news.  It was not until I was much older that I realized that there was no such thing as an unbiased reporter and unbiased news.  I realized that all the news that existed at the time was incredibly biased.  Every single news station and reporter on TV was a liberal.  Of course, pretty much every teacher that was telling me that news was unbiased was also liberal.  It was not until Fox News came along later claiming to be fair and balanced that I realized that all news was very biased.  All the major news outlets and publications have a very liberal bias while Fox News has a very conservative bias.

This revelation is what caused me to launch this website.  I realized that there is really no single place that you can go to that points out the bias of the media outlets.  Of course, the liberal outlets will point out the ones that are conservative and vice versa, but there is no single place you can go to to find out the bias of every media outlet.

This website will attempt to point out the bias of every major news media outlet.  Obviously, with the Internet, there are countless media sources so I will try to just focus on the big ones.

I will also look at current news and events from a political perspective.  Since I live in California, I will try to emphasize ones that I think are the most interesting for my state.  I will offer my thoughts in the hope that someone finds them interesting.